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Ideskz is one of the leading marketers of office furniture in Crescent City, Florida, USA. Ideskz, the office furniture brand, gained its position in the furniture world by providing quality and comfortable furniture. We believe in customer satisfaction and therefore work hard to fulfill all the office furniture needs of our clients. Our motto is to deliver superlative services to our customers. Ideskz Office Furniture Outlet specializes in office furniture liquidation, office interiors, office cubicles, executive desk chairs, commercial office furniture, and office desks for all office needs. Ideskz began in Virginia in 1989, operating under the name "Office to Go." In the early years, we did mostly office installations for other dealerships. Within a few years, we were providing business liquidation services for large corporations and were involved in the liquidation of Enron as well as many other businesses. Our business model involved wholesaling the majority of the office furniture but holding back 10 to 15 percent of the nicer product to provide the local business community with access to high-end pre-owned product at a fair price. Ideskz still provides these services and maintains a large inventory of pre-owned product while at the same time offering over 200 lines of mid-market "value-engineered" new product. We provide a cost-effective avenue for "start-ups" or companies looking to expand. Please feel free to call us at (904) 600-5740.

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